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Joshua Safer Part 4, Transgender Hormones and Diabetes

In part 4 of this Exclusive Interview, Joshua Safer talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about  transgender hormones and diabetes and the potential of hormones to cause diabetes.

Joshua Safer, MD, FACP, is the Executive Director of the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: Do these hormones cause diabetes?

Safer: The hormones for transgender care are not known to be associated with diabetes. The literature says that people taking hormones in either direction, the conventional male to female or female to male, have increased rates of diabetes. Honestly, I wonder if they’re not just watching people age and accidentally observing that everybody has an increased risk of diabetes over time. I don’t know of any real specific evidence. I could invent some logic why it could be true, but I am not especially concerned that hormones in either direction should be causing diabetes or increasing the risk for diabetes.

For your patient with diabetes who is also transgender having diabetes per se is not a concern. The hormones do not interact with diabetes medicines and can be given safely to your patients with diabetes. The only concern is like with any hormone therapy when people sometimes have a change in their hormone profile, they have a change in weight. And if they gain weight, their risks of diabetes are increased. But if you can avoid that, this should be a perfectly safe thing to do.

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