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Jim McDermott Part 6, SGLT2 Cardiovascular Trials

In part 6, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Jim McDermott explains SGLT2 cardiovascular trials, including the DECLARE trial that will complete in 2018, in a conversation with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA 2017 Scientific Sessions in San Diego, CA.

Jim McDermott, PhD, is the Vice President of U.S. Medical Affairs, Diabetes at AstraZeneca.

Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: I don’t know if you mentioned the risk for death reduction for the SGLT-2 Farxiga and also for the combination…are there numbers for that?

McDermott: No, not at this time. As I mentioned, we have DECLARE, which is the largest outcomes trial with the SGLT-2 class. We have over 17.000 patients in that study. We expect that to read out next year. What’s unique about that study compared to some of the other cardiovascular outcomes trials is we have patients with established cardiovascular disease and then we also have patients without established cardiovascular disease but they have risk factors. So I think it’s a broader population than what we’re currently seeing in these clinic needs and these cardiovascular outcomes trials right now.

Freed: And when will that end?

McDermott: That will be finishing up in 2018.

Freed: Ok, so next year it should finish?

McDermott: Yes.

Freed: Will you be announcing that at next year’s ADA?

McDermott: Well, I can’t commit to whether we’re announcing it at ADA or EASD but as soon as we have the data available, we’re going to be very excited to share that.

Freed: Well it’s always exciting to find a company that is at the forefront of diabetes care because they certainly need every bit of help they can get. So I applaud you for what you do.

McDermott: Well, thank you very much.

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