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January 16, 2016

Jan 16, 2016


I was traveling this past week and it seemed that almost every person was wearing some kind of fitness tracking device. As I was going through the Atlanta airport, I watched people checking their devices and commenting on their steps while they were walking underground between terminals. When I sat on the plane, the couple on the right of me had two different devices. They were comparing the results of walking between flights and trying to find out why there was a 60 step difference. When I asked them about their activity, they were quick to tell me that they really never did any exercise, but when their kids gave them these devices they decided to try to get more steps every day and see who had the most. They were even using a phone app to compare their results.

We are currently trying out some of these devices and will be sharing our impressions with you in the future.


Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs in many of our patients with diabetes and is also linked with hypertension. This can be seen by visiting http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/sleep-apnea/

This week our intern Jennifer Zahn found an article on how pulmonary function affects diabetes, and then did an in-depth analysis to give you a total presentation on how to best use pulmonary function to evaluate the risk of diabetes.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief