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Jan. 14, 2017

Jan 14, 2017

This past Thursday, Congress passed a resolution to begin the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act. If you remember, many of the candidates, including the president-elect, touted this as their first act if they won the election. Now that they have made the first move, you have to wonder if this is grandstanding on a campaign promise or if it is what the future holds.

As a medical professional who sees patients with chronic conditions, I know the difference that ACA has had on my patients’ care and what will happen if this affordable option disappears. Most times the value is lost in the politics and the histrionics that surrounded the program, and not enough attention is paid to what people really want. Our publisher, Steve Freed, reached out to the Center on Health Insurance Reforms and the Kaiser Family Foundation, to get the results of a study they did with both consumers and prescribers. The answers they got may surprise you.

Part of the success of ACA was the great uptake in preventative care appointments. This can be readily seen in Item #1 where we look at prediabetes as a disease.

Dave Joffe