Saturday , July 21 2018


Sep 4, 2012

Ricky Amano


For many of our patients, just getting them to do a few more steps a day can be a huge boost to their health.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
"Pros: The app accurately tracks steps, distance, and average speed while in a hand, strapped to an arm, or carried in a pocket or purse; sensor and stride calibrators help you ensure the utmost accuracy; includes a calorie counter and a pacer for setting speed goals.

Cons: The calorie counter is based on weight alone, so it may not be entirely accurate; would be a better treadmill replicator if there was a sensor for detecting incline. Good for: Walking enthusiasts who constantly carry their devices on them and are trying to reach a step-a-day goal, and sedentary patients who need a nonthreatening way to ease back into fitness."

Other users were happier with a previous version with a recent upgrade not performing very well. Hopefully they will fix this soon (and release an Android version) as this app could really help many patients get started.

iTreadmill:Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketStep™

Not yet available for Android