About 4 in 10 American adults have obesity, and almost 1 in 10 severely so, government researchers said.  The CDC findings come from a 2017-18 health survey that measures height and weight. The survey found that the obesity rate was 42% – higher than the 40% found in a similar 2015-16 study. The severe obesity rate was more than 9% in the new survey, up from the 8% figure in the previous one. A half-century ago, about 1 in 100 American adults had severe obesity. Now it’s ten times more common. The findings suggest that more Americans will get diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Obesity – which means not merely overweight, but severely overweight – is considered one of the nation’s leading public health problems. A person who is 5-foot-4, the average height for U.S. women, is deemed to have obesity at a weight of 174 pounds and severe obesity above 232 pounds. A person who is 5-foot-9, about the average height for men, is deemed to have obesity at 203 pounds and severe obesity at 270.  CDC