Does drinking coffee enhance exercise performance? Researchers have consistently shown that coffee’s high energy ingredient, caffeine, is a well-established ergogenic aid, with performance-enhancing effects across a range of sports and exercises. But much of this research has used caffeine supplements or powder, not coffee, as the test substance.  In an umbrella review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers summarized findings from all meta-analyses that explored the effects of caffeine on athletic performance.  What they found was that caffeine could enhance the ability to run and cycle for more extended periods, or to complete a given distance in a shorter time frame. It could also allow us to perform more repetitions with a given weight in the gym, or to increase the total weight lifted,” the authors wrote in an explanatory article on They found that caffeine boosted sports performance by about 2% and 6%, and when the caffeine dose is matched, caffeine supplements and coffee seem to be equally beneficial for improving performance.