According to new research, living near a physical activity facility — such as a gym, swimming pool, or football field — can help you keep your New Year’s resolution.  Individuals living in close proximity to at least six exercise facilities had a waistline that was 1.22 centimeters smaller, a BMI that was 0.57 points lower, and a body fat percentage that was 0.81 percent lower, on average. This link was stronger for women and higher-income groups of people, note the researchers. Additionally, the study found that the farther people lived from a fast food outlet, the smaller their BMI, waistline, and body fat percentage. This association was the strongest among women. To find the answers, the researchers examined data from a large cohort study — which ran from 2006 to 2010 — and looked at whether residential proximity to fast food outlets and physical exercise centers had any bearing on weight measurements. The study included the waist and body mass index (BMI) measurements as well as body fat percentages of approximately 400,000 adults between 40 and 70 years old. The results of the study suggest that increasing access to local physical activity facilities and, possibly, reducing access to fast food close to residential areas could reduce overweight and obesity at the population level. From the results, it was suggested that designing and planning cities in a way that better facilitates healthy lifestyles may be beneficial, and should be considered as part of wider obesity prevention program. — The Lancet Public Health; DOI: