Fitbit IonicADexcom and Fitbit are working to put the CGM data on the new Fitbit ionic watch.  This will make the fourth device that will have the blood glucose readings from the Dexcom sensor as it joins the Apple watch, ndroid Wear watch, and the iPhone. Initially, Fitbit Ionic will likely display data relayed from the Dexcom G5 phone app, just as Apple Watch and Android Wear currently do (“secondary display”). Over time, it’s possible that direct CGM-to-watch communication might be added – this would allow CGM data to be sent to the watch without the phone being present (“primary display”). Dexcom is already working on this direct communication with the Apple Watch, though there is no timeline on when it might be available. Wearers will be able to see health, activity, and glucose levels all on one device as well as learn exactly what exercise works best to lower blood sugars and what foods work best for as an individual. The device will even show how different medications affect daily blood sugars. Fitbit will also be working with Medtronic and Abbott’s new FDA-approved FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System. — Fitbit newsflash Oct. 2017