FreeStyleLibreThe FDA has approved the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System for use by adult patients with diabetes. This is the first continuous glucose monitoring system geared to patients and does not require finger-stick calibration. Last year, the FDA approved the professional version of the system to be used by clinicians for monitoring glucose in patients with diabetes. The FreeStyle Libre system reduces the need for fingerstick testing and instead continuously measures glucose levels with a small sensor that is inserted into the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days. Users then wave a dedicated, mobile scanner over the sensor to obtain readings. The device is intended for individuals 18 years and older. The FreeStyle Libre offers certain advantages, such as longer sensor wear, no requirement for calibration, and lower cost. Also in contrast to current CGMs, the device is factory-calibrated so it doesn’t require finger-stick blood glucose measurements for calibration. However, it does not have an alarm for users for low and high glucose values, a feature available in CGM systems. See Item #5 for more information.