DR. MED. LUDWIG GEIGER, Medical Director of the corratec LIFE:

“I had the opportunity to implement my many years of medical and scientific experience with the development of corratec LIFE. Cycling is one of the healthiest sports with high-energy consumption and positive effects on the cardiovascular system. In addition, you can re-live with the Corratec LIFE and break through the social isolation. You can go shopping. Thanks to the variable support of the electric motor it is also possible to undertake excursions with the family, friends and acquaintances with reduced condition and do something good for your body. It’s about your health and well-being. ”


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Steve Freed, Diabetes Educator, Publisher:  I recently had the opportunity to ride this eBike from Corratec.  I have always been a bike enthusiast, but this bike really changed my mind on using this bike to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and even to help blood sugars and even prevent diabetes. At first I thought it was cheating using an eBike with battery power. But this is a pedal-assisted bike, so you have to pedal if you want to go anywhere. It even has automatic shifting, which makes the ride safer, smoother and more enjoyable.  So now I can ride further and even faster, and the bike allows me to keep up with people 20-40 years younger than me. I get to ride with my kids and just enjoy the outdoors. If you would like to get back to riding a bike, this is for you. www.life-bike.com

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For more information, email: philipp.riebold@life-bike.com