This past Monday morning, privately held Intarcia Therapeutics announced the FDA has accepted the New Drug Application for the Medici system, a micropump that delivers exenatide. As we have Mediciseen from recent earning reports, the GLP-1 category continues to gain strength and is one of the few bright spots when it comes to diabetes therapy options. As we predicted, the category has grown with each improvement in delivery options. Byetta began this process with twice-daily injections. Victoza helped things along being a once-daily injection and now Trulicity, Bydureon and Tanzeum are moving it further into the mainstream with once-weekly injections. Medici has the potential to push the category even further as once inserted into the patient, it lasts for one year before having to be reinserted. Simply put, in the GLP-1 category, a patient has gone from 730 injections to 365 injections to 52 injections and now just one insertion. Keep in mind once Medici is inserted, the patient doesn’t have to do anything, THERE ARE NO INJECTIONS.  Check it out here.