BionicPancreasiLetNormally we do not repeat a new product as it progresses through the approval process, but this is a product we want to stay on top of until the FDA gives its approval to put it on a child with type 1 to change their life’ forever. The iLet made breakthroughs that will be life changing. As when they ran a trial with 32 patients, aged 12 to 20 years for 160 days, and they had no problems. The bionic pancreas achieved mean glucose values, that corresponded to an HbA1c of less than 7% in nearly all volunteers, while at the same time reducing hypoglycemia dramatically.  They have designed and tested a system that delivers both insulin and glucagon under the control of autonomously adaptive algorithms. These algorithms require no information about the patient other than body weight to start, and the device can quickly adapt to changing insulin needs. No carbohydrate counting is required. Stay tuned, for updates as they become available. — New England Journal of Medicine, 2014.