Mar 19, 2014

Vitera Healthcare Solutions
iOS Free with Vitera Intergy EHR system


Vitera Intergy Mobile is the iPad companion to Vitera Intergy EHR. Using an iPad device, you can access their appointment schedules, task lists, and patient clinical data at any time and from anywhere. Whether you are on call or on the road, Intergy Mobile allows you to make patient care decisions with quality and efficiency. Available to Vitera Intergy EHR customers on v8.00 or higher, this application provides HIPAA compliance, an intuitive design, and access to the most useful features in Intergy EHR, including….

  • E-Prescribing – Renew existing medications in as little as four taps and prescribe new medications by entering prescription details or simply selecting an Rx favorite. Intergy Mobile incorporates real-time formulary screening and Drug Utilization Review (DUR) prior to issuing the prescription, allowing you to maintain an advanced level of care even when you are away from your practice.
  • Working Tasks – Work user-defined, Rx requests, Rx cosign, transcription review, image review, phone messages, and lab results tasks, and assign new tasks to office personnel.
  • Viewing Patient Charts – View details of your patients’ charts, including clinical documents, lab results, vitals, and problem lists.
  • Accessing Schedules – Review your appointment schedule for any date, as well as other providers’ schedules within the practice.
  • Mobile Note – Document an episode of care, by entering a patient’s Chief Complaint, History of Present Illness, Assessment, and Plan.
  • Documenting Encounter details – Enter Vitals, Allergies, and Reported Medications.

Vitera Intergy Mobile is the perfect solution for accessing your clinical data and appointment schedule whether you are on rounds, on call, or on a family outing. Your practice must license Intergy Mobile in order to connect to your Intergy EHR data.

Intergy Mobile (iOS)