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Insulin with Coronary Angiography Can Kill Diabetic Patients

May 25, 2012

Diabetes patients undergoing coronary angiography may be at higher death risk if they are treated with insulin….

N. Saleh of Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden who led the study showed that of diabetes patients undergoing coronary angiography, those who were treated with insulin were 62 percent more likely to die, compared to those who were treated with dietary intervention.

For the study, the researchers analyzed data from data from two Swedish registries of type 2 diabetic patients (n012,515) undergoing coronary angiography from 2001 through 2009 for any possible association between glucose-lowering treatment and long-term mortality which was studied after extensive adjustment for cardiovascular- and diabetes-related confounders. 

The researchers examined how each of the four treatments including diet intervention, oral therapy alone, insulin plus oral therapy and insulin alone affects the death risk among diabetes patients undergoing coronary angiography.

Absolute mortality rates for patients treated with diet alone, oral therapy alone, insulin plus oral therapy and insulin alone were 19.2%, 17.4%, 22.9% and 28.1%, respectively, meaning that insulin treatment led to a higher mortality rate.

After adjustment for baseline differences, insulin treatment plus oral glucose lowering treatment was still associated with 22 percent increased death risk. The increase by insulin treatment alone was 17 percent.

The researchers concluded “Type 2 diabetes patients treated with insulin and undergoing coronary angiography have a higher long-term mortality risk after adjustment for measured confounders. Further research is needed to evaluate the optimal glucose-lowering treatment for these high-risk patients.”

Diabetes patients may be better off trying a dietary intervention before taking aggressive treatments such as insulin treatment to reverse their condition. Insulin treatment or other glucose lowering treatment does not cure or reverse the disease. The patients have to use these drugs non-stop to maintain their health.

Type 2 diabetes patients should avoid food with sugar and oil added, which does not exist on the food market. They will have to prepare their meal at home to follow such a diet. Both fat including saturated fat and trans fat and sugar exasperate their already deteriorating system.

Coronary angiography is a test that uses dye and special x rays for doctors to examine the insides of a patient’s coronary arteries to see if there is any plaque they can treat. Coronary artery disease is the most common heart disease doctors would treat very aggressively.

For coronary artery disease, or otherwise called coronary heart disease, diabetes patients may use a plant-based diet to reverse the condition. It has been observed that 99 percent of patients with coronary heart disease can reverse or at least stop progression of the heart disease if they use a plant-based diet (they will still need to avoid high fat foods such as nuts).

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