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For the past 18 months we have been providing you with a monthly newsletter with special features focused on GLP-1 analogs. These newsletters have provided information beginning with the first discovery of GLP-1 and GIP in the body and how they worked to control glucose levels, and have included practice experience from your colleagues and other thought leaders. We have also been able to provide you some of the best Homerun Slides for you to use.

Now that the class has grown from first-in-class "Byetta" to include five unique compounds, we just released a great handout on the features and differences of each one, and just when I thought that we had covered about everything there was going on, our interns found four new studies and one new fact from the recently completed EASD meeting for you to review.

While you're looking at those GLP-1 slides you may want to check out the Homerun Slides series by Dr. Stanley Schwartz and learn why and how his aggressive methods of treating diabetes almost always include a GLP-1 analog


With a day packed full of education, motivational tools, one-on-one sessions, and workshops, the TCOYD health fair is a great way to get your patients to take better care of their health and themselves. 
From "One of the country's largest health organizations conducts a groundbreaking study on how media can improve diabetes control. Also, a savory soup from the dLife kitchen, and another extreme diabetes makeover." Sundays live online at at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Keep up on the latest dLife news at
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FDA Approves New Once-Weekly GLP-1 

See this week's Item #1.

Tool for your Practice

Patient Handout: Your Job Your Rights (PDF) 

Important information for your patients. This updated four-panel brochure addresses the issues of discrimination based on diabetes in the workplace. It outlines the laws, personal rights, federally mandated accommodations, and how to address discrimination. Know Your Rights (English) Know Your Rights (Spanish)



Product of the Week

Trulicity™ (dulaglutide)

Trulicity (dulaglutide) is a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) just approved by the FDA that offers adults with type 2 diabetes once-weekly dosing in the Trulicity pen, which has a pre-attached, hidden needle and requires no reconstitution. Prescribing Information 



Mobile App of the Week

Taber's Medical Dictionary


Taber's Medical Dictionary for Mobile and Web contains over 60,000 terms, 1000's of photos, and more than 600 Patient Care Statements, making it the most comprehensive health science dictionary available. Taber's goes beyond in-depth definitions with nutrition and alternative therapy coverage, medical abbreviations, symbols and units of measurement, immunization schedules, nursing diagnoses, links to pronunciations, and more. This powerful app contains the information you need to answer critical questions at the bedside, in the classroom, at home, or in the office. For more information and to download the app, just follow this link.





Test Your Knowledge Question #748

Acanthosis nigricans presents as a brown to black pigmentation usually seen in the neck or armpit areas. In relation to diabetes, this may indicate:

a. granuloma annulare.
b. diabetic dermopathy.
c. type 1 diabetes.
d. insulin resistance.

For the complete question and answer, just follow this link.


Diabetes In Control Has Over 15000 Studies & Articles In Our Archives

Quote of the Week!

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

            ..............Mark Twain 


Diabetes in Control gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the following University of Florida pharmacy doctoral candidate in the preparation of this week's newsletter: 

Simi A. Lukose, Florida A&M University

Mai Do, Florida A&M University

Arpita Patel, Florida A&M University 


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Now that once-weekly dulaglutide has been approved, will you be prescribing it?
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Jeffrey M. Robbins, DPM

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