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Increasing Longevity with Metformin

Aug 8, 2013

Daily doses of metformin improved the metabolism and increased the lifespans of middle-aged male mice….

The mice were randomly selected to one of the three diets: a standard diet, a standard diet with daily 0.1% metformin, and a standard diet with daily 1% metformin.

The results showed a shorter lifespan in mice on the 1% metformin compared with control mice on a standard diet. The shorter lifespan was likely due to lactic acidosis adverse effect of high dose metformin and kidney failures. However, mice on the 0.1% treatment showed positive effects on metabolism and lifespan with an increase in lifespan compared with control mice. The improvement in metabolism included reduction in total cholesterol, LDL level, insulin level, Homeostasis Model of Assessment-Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR), and chronic inflammation.

The researchers concluded that further studies are needed to determine the association between low daily doses of metformin and beneficial improvements in health and lifespan in humans.

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