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Incorrect Injection Technique Caught in Time

Jul 9, 2019
I had the pleasure of working with an elderly gentleman who was living alone. When he switched from insulin pens to a vial and syringe due to his insurance, his numbers started to increase into the 400’s and 500’s. He was feeling weak and lethargic but fortunately was able to pull himself together to make it to his appointment. I asked him to demonstrate his injection technique. This patient was laying the insulin vial on its side and it was immediately obvious to me that he was getting high numbers because he was injecting air and no insulin.  In the end, he ended up going back to the insulin pens and now his numbers are stable and < 180.  He feels much better, and it was such a simple solution.
LN, dietitian, CDE
Lesson Learned:

When there are changes in blood sugars, never take for granted what the patient tells you; always have the patient demonstrate their technique for insulin injections. – SF




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