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Incidence and Remission of Obesity and Abdominal Obesity with Changes in Physical Activity 

Mar 10, 2020
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: George McConnell, PharmD. Candidate, LECOM School of Pharmacy 

How much of a change in physical activity is needed for patients to benefit? 

“Diet and lifestyle changes” are the staple counseling point when talking to patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. They may be one of the first things that we advise patients to do, but many people have problems changing their diet or lifestyle. Some feel that they’re too busy to change or that change would be too hard. Obesity and abdominal obesity rates are increasing. Physical activity helps with weight maintenance and weight loss. Despite the knowledge that physical activity is essential, we still do not know enough to develop population-based strategies. Few studies have looked at the relationship between changes in physical activity and obesity....


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Incidence and Remission of Obesity and Abdominal Obesity with Changes in Physical Activity 
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