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Improved Glycemic Control Cuts CV Risk

Jul 4, 2014

Among patients with type 2 diabetes who start taking insulin, those who attain good glycemic control are less likely to have a major adverse cardiac event (MACE) in the medium term than those who fail to achieve this, a new study suggests. The findings come from the Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation in People with Type 2 Diabetes on Insulin Therapy study which looked at nearly 3000 patients who had had diabetes for about 9 years but had hyperglycemia and who were started on insulin. Patients whose HbA1c levels remained high had worse outcomes. Specifically, a 1% higher HbA1c increased the risk for MACE during a 4-year follow-up by 25% compared with an otherwise-similar patient with a 1% lower HbA1c. American Diabetes Association 2014 Scientific Sessions; June 15, 2014. Abstract 419-P