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IM Essentials Flashcards

May 29, 2015

American College of Physicians

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For Internal Medicine students, IM Essentials Flashcards offers over 1,100 flashcards across 11 categories and is the perfect app for studying on-the-go. Each card features a link to the relevant content within IM Essentials Online so you can reinforce your learning experience….

Features include:

  • Over 1,100 cards across 11 categories
  • Each card links to the source material within IM Essentials Online
  • Drill down within a category to study more specific topics
  • Score your responses as correct or incorrect
  • After finishing a category, review flashcards that you marked incorrect, retry them all, or move on to another category
  • Create custom sets of cards to focus your study

IM Essentials is the next generation of MKSAP for Students and Internal Medicine Essentials for Clerkship Students. It was created by over 90 CDIM-member clerkship directors and 5 associate editors specifically for use in the clerkship to help students grasp important internal medicine concepts and apply them clinically. As always, IM Essentials content is based on the CDIM/SGIM core curriculum for the internal medicine clerkship and covers material students will likely encounter on the medicine shelf and USMLE Step 2 examinations.

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