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How Diabetes Cost Is Directly Related To A1c 

Apr 25, 2020
Editor: Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE

Author: Deonna Andrews, PharmD Candidate 2020 of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Have you ever paid attention to the cost of a box of diabetic test strips? Poor management of type 2 diabetes can cost a person with diabetes thousands of dollars; it costs less to pay attention to your health. 

It’s no secret that type 2 diabetes affects millions of people worldwide. More specifically, there has been a steady incline in the diagnosis of the disease in the past three decades. As you can imagine, this comes with a cost, owing to the fact that uncontrolled diabetes leads to chronic complications, disabilities, and premature death.  


In efforts to gain insight on this issue, previous studies found that medical costs in persons with type 2 diabetes were higher than those of a person without....

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How Diabetes Cost Is Directly Related To A1c 
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