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higi – Your Score for Life

May 22, 2013

higi, llc
iOS/Android Free


This app has been recently updated and a few bugs have been ironed out with users apparently happy with the results. It’s also available now for Android users.

higi was one of the hottest companies to debut at the annual SXSW conference last year, and it’s much more than just an app. The company has been placing sleek health monitor systems in pharmacies and in other retail locations — they now have about 4,000 and have partnered with RiteAid acorss the U.S. While picking up their prescriptions, patients can get their "higi" number for free. The higi number is generated using an algorithm that turns stats on weight, BMI, blood pressure, pulse, and other factors such as social well-being, into one single number out of 999. The closer to 999, the better. Patients can download the app to track their scores from the higi machines, view check-in results, and compete with friends and family. 

higi – Your Score for Life iOS

higi – Your Score for Life Android