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Henry Anhalt and Howard Steinberg Part 3, Insulin For Life In A Global Market

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Henry Anhalt and Howard Steinberg talk with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California, about the union of the global organization in the fight to get insulin to those who need it and the search for donors to help finance the cause.

Henry Anhalt is a pediatric endocrinologist and board member for Insulin for Life.  Entrepreneur and dLife Founder Howard Steinberg is also a board member on Insulin for Life.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve Freed: What’s the difference because I’ve heard of this organization for overseas, Global. What the difference between that organization and USA which you are involved with?

Henry Anhalt: So there are nine organizations that fit under this umbrella, global organization, Life for a Child, and that organization, that global organization, really serves as an administrative hub to ensure that there isn’t overlap and redundancy. So these nine affiliates, of which we’re on the board of the one based in the United States, is part of that larger organization. I think the hope that we have at IFL USA, is that we will partner under the guidance of this larger global organization, with the other nine affiliates, and find ways to leverage that one voice to raise more awareness, more funds and be able to be, I think, a much larger [organization] and strengthen the voices of all those organizations into one rather than individual voices split up across the country. But this is new and people didn’t think that this was possible. And the vision that Mark Atkinson and Carol Atkinson have brought to us and have given us that privilege to participate with, it’s a new concept where people have to begin to think and spread awareness. So we hope in the near future that all of the affiliates will be able to, under the umbrella of the global organization, speak with one voice more loudly to help raise awareness and raise donations and funds.

Steve Freed: There’s organizations from multi-billionaires in this country that pledge to give away all their money. Have you contacted those organizations?

Howard Steinberg: Well, I’m sure we’ve tried to contact various relevant, high-worth individuals that may be sympathetic and empathetic to the cause so that goes on, but we’re a small organization and you can cover just so much and as important as money is, so are supplies. So we really, as Henry was mentioning, have two channels of donation, we need people and organizations to send their supplies and we can also be the victim of our own success because the more they send us, the more of an operation we need. There’s a lot of logistics involved in getting those supplies to the nations and the agencies that can distribute them.

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