Health Affairs

Feb 5, 2014

Project Hope
iOS – free with subscription  


Health Affairs is the leading journal at the intersection of health, health care and policy. Health Affairs’ peer-reviewed research and commentary addresses today’s most-pressing health system issues.

With Health Affairs’ free iPad app you can keep up with:

  • Current monthly issues
  • Daily expert views on the acclaimed Health Affairs Blog
  • Podcasts from Health Affairs events
  • Personal stories about the human side of health policy in Narrative Matters
  • Overviews of current health policy issues

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

The app is free but the subscription is quite costly so it’s worth it to explore other options (such as whether you have access to an institutional subscription or can access copies at a library) if you want to be up on the latest news in this publication. But if you are interested in the latest policy developments in national as well as international healthcare, this app will definitely keep you up to date. Mostly positive ratings but some bugs which the developers seem to be getting on top of fairly quickly. Only available for iPad and it doesn’t look like an Android version will be available anytime soon.

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