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Jan 1, 2011

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Free iOS/Android 


GoMeals® was developed to help patients make healthy lifestyle choices at home or on the go. The app includes tools for eating healthy, staying active, and tracking blood glucose levels….

Features include:

  • Food Trackers: GoMeals is more than a calorie counter. With nutritional values for favorite foods and restaurant menu items powered by the CalorieKing™ food database, patients can search thousands of foods and dishes from popular restaurants, grocery stores and the items they have in their own kitchens to determine the nutritional value (i.e., calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc.) of the foods they eat.
  • Activity Tracker: With the new activity tracker, GoMeals lets patients calculate the number of calories they’re burning, selecting a physical activity and intensity level. They can even save favorite activities into a customized workout.
  • Glucose Tracker: GoMeals offers a handy place to record and view glucose numbers. Patients can track highs and lows, and with meal and exercise tags, they’ll have a log of readings to share with you and their diabetes support team.
  • Restaurant Locator: The app shows patients which restaurants are closest and maps the location. With a database of over 20,000 restaurant items, they can make healthy eating choices before even stepping in the door.
  • Cloud Sync: When patients log in, history and favorites are backed up to the GoMeals cloud network. 

To download just follow these links:

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