Gluten Free Daily

Sep 4, 2012

Visual Identity Group, Inc.
iOS/Free for 7-day trial then requires $59.99 subscription to GlutenFreeDaily


This app is best used in conjunction with the website GlutenFreeDaily, which offers a gluten free guide, daily journal, and graphs to track your diet and weight progress.

However, this user discovered that this app was not free as advertised – there is a free trial membership and then users will be charged.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

If you don’t mind shelling out the money, this is an excellent app for those who need to eat gluten-free. Overall reviews seem to be positive — however, there is also not a lot of competition in this area and with more apps coming, the steep cost of this app may need to decrease in order to remain competitive.

Gluten Free Daily (iOS)

Not yet available for Android