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GLP-1 Special Issue #4 Editor’s Note

Jun 29, 2011

Steve and Andrew came back with a ton of new data on GLP-1 Agonist therapies from the 71st Scientific Sessions of the ADA. We turned over these articles, abstracts, posters and presentations to our interns for them to get down to what really matters. They have three articles focusing on new developments with Liraglutide, Exenatide and a not-ready-for-sale Lixisenatide for you to review.

In this week’s Case Study we continue to look at our patient Mr. Walker and which pharmacologic therapy options for type 2 diabetes would improve his glucose levels without being contraindicated due to his renal insufficiency or cardiovascular disease.

For the first time we take a look at the data from our GLP-1 Survey and break it down by profession. Be sure to check out what your peers think about GLP-1.