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GLP-1 Knowledge Survey, Part VI

Jul 27, 2011

This week we finish our analysis of our GLP-1 survey results with a look at prescribing reasons and habits, and how your colleagues decide on GLP-1 analog or DPP-4 inhibitor therapy. Most of the respondents favored Victoza but not as by as wide a margin as expected. Prescribers had a more even split as to which GLP1-Agonist they preferred than non-prescribers. The most common comment was that the once a day dosing of Victoza was a big advantage….

Clinicians across the board recommended GLP-1 Agonists directly after metformin. This appears to indicate the more aggressive approach that prescribers are taking.
The weight loss potential associated with GLP-1 Agonist therapy seems to be a big driver in using this class of drugs.
In a head to head comparison clinician’s favored GLP-1 agonist therapy over DPP-4 inhibitors because of the added benefit of weight loss and the greater A1c drop. This is important because the only reason that a clinician would choose a DPP-4 inhibitor was that it is available in oral rather than injectable form.

We would like to thank all our readers who took the time to participate in this survey, helping us gain insight into how you think and put into practice your knowledge of GLP-1 Agonists.

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