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GLP-1 Knowledge Survey Part V

Jul 19, 2011

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at your colleagues’ responses to questions about GLP-1, including mechanisms, interactions, dosing and effectiveness. Over the next two weeks we will examine some of your opinions on starting doses and selecting patients….

We decided to start by looking at your prescribing habits and who would be best to start on GLP-1 therapy.

AACE has indicated in their guidelines that the use of a GLP-1 Analog is indicated first line and when we put the question to our readers, those who had an opinion felt that they were unlikely to recommend GLP-1s as monotherapy. We noted with interest that the prescribers, NP’s and Physicians, were the least likely to recommend first line. In comparison, when we looked at the use of GLP-1 analogs as add on therapy, the NP’s and Physicians were anxious to prescribe, with 80% of physicians and 75% of NP’s likely to use these important medications.

Most of our respondents felt that they would be likely to use GLP-1 Analog therapy if it meant that patients might be able to reduce the complexity of their medication and NP’s were 100% in agreement that using a GLP-1 Analog in complex regimens was a great idea. This is especially interesting when you consider that the idea of using an injectable is important to a majority of the respondents.
Although the risk of hypoglycemia is very low due to the glucose regulating effect of GLP-1 analogs, I was especially surprised by the large number of all respondents who would avoid using GLP-1 therapy because of the perceived risk of hypoglycemia.
All agreed that if a patient is motivated, they would be more likely to use GLP-1 therapy but most respondents did not accurately describe the benefits even though they were familiar with them.


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