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GLP-1 Analogs Special Edition, March 2015

Mar 12, 2015

We are rapidly approaching the ten year anniversary of the entrance of GLP-1 analogs into the diabetes marketplace. It all started with exenatide and most medical professionals we interviewed back then did not believe that clinicians or patients would use an injectable unless they had to. Fast forward ten years and they could have not been more wrong. There are now two daily-use injectables, three once-weekly choices and, long term, the class has been shown to lower A1c and keep it down. If third party payers were as enthusiastic about this class as prescribers now are we would see at least twice as many patients on these medications.

We are starting our third year providing a GLP-1 analog dedicated newsletter and when a new TV season starts they remind you of the highlights of the past season, so we’re dedicating this issue to bringing you up to speed on the most significant information from the last 12 months.