Jan 28, 2014

Glooko, Inc.
Free iOS/Android

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Glooko can change the way your patients manage their diabetes. With the Glooko mobile app and the Glooko MeterSync Cable they can seamlessly download blood glucose readings. Data can now be easily annotated with lifestyle context, shared with you and other healthcare team members, and viewed online. Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared system is compatible with 22 FDA-cleared meters (27 worldwide). 

Popular features of Glooko include:

  • Download glucose readings directly from the meter to a smartphone device.
  • View glucose readings from multiple meters in one chronological logbook.
  • Use the food database to quickly record meals and carb values.
  • View statistical breakdowns of blood glucose readings, including average blood glucose before and after meal, readings per day, and percent of readings below, within, and above target range.
  • Quickly add medications, exercises and other health events to a log so patients can better understand what factors affect their blood glucose.
  • View data online using Glooko’s Web Dashboard, which includes graphical & statistical analysis.
  • Easily provides healthcare team direct access to glucose readings and notes.
  • Access data in real time.
  • Supports mg/dL and mmol/L blood glucose units.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Although the app seems to be supported by most smartphones, not every device is supported yet. Some devices also seem to be downloading and interacting with the app better than others. The development team seems to be working on these various problems and has a comprehensive list of which devices are compatible with which meters but be sure to check. All this noted, however, this is a well-crafted app which could make managing their diabetes a lot easier for your patients. And it’s free.

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