Geocaching Intro

Jul 23, 2014

Groundspeak Inc.

Free iOS/Android


Summer provides a terrific opportunity for your patients to increase their levels of physical activity by getting outside. One unique way to motivate them might be "geocaching" which presents challenges to participants to collect "geocaches" by finding specific locations using their smart phones. There are millions of geocaches across 185 countries all over the world and many probably a short walk for your patients. The Geocaching Intro app provides a brief overview of how the system works and gets them started. The complete app costs extra but if your patients get hooked, then they may not mind.

Features include:
– App picks recommended geocaches for beginners
– In addition to recommended geocaches, the app allows you to see and find nearby traditional geocaches
– Tips and instructions guide you through finding a geocache and what to do when you find it
– "Live Search" continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move
– You can upgrade to Geocaching Premium from within the app to unlock every traditional geocache and find even more geocaches 

To download the app, just follow the appropriate link:

Geocaching Intro iOS

Geocaching Intro Android