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Gender Affects Vascular Disease Associated with Diabetes

May 12, 2020
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: Antonio Bess, Pharm D Candidate, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University School of Pharmacy

How adipose tissue storage, which differs by gender, plays a role in the development and treatment of the disease. 

Cardiovascular disease is the most common complication of diabetes. Both men and women are affected by diabetes, but studies have shown that women are more significantly affected by macrovascular complications such as coronary artery disease and stroke. The exact mechanisms to explain to differences have not been found, but experts believe adipose tissue storage plays a vital role in the pathogenesis of the vascular disease. This article focuses on the role adipose tissue plays in the sex difference between men and women and how healthcare manages women with diabetes to minimize the risk for macrovascular complications.  

Biological aspects that affect diabetes-associated vascular disease highlight the reasons for the disparity....

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Gender Affects Vascular Disease Associated with Diabetes
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