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Patient Mobile Apps

List of mobile apps for your patients. These apps can help people with diabetes maintain control over the symptoms and disease. We provide links to both Android and iPhone when they are available.

AllergyEats Mobile


AllergyEats iOS and Android For your patients with food sensitivities, this app can help find places to eat when traveling. Users can choose, for example, ‘Find Restaurants,’ then select their particular sensitivity, and select ‘Find Restaurants Near Me.’

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250,000+ Recipes

BigOven1     Android and iOS Video:            This is a huge database of recipes accessible by search, or options such as "Use up Leftovers," which allows the user to enter the ingredients and find matching recipes, or "Recent Raves," which lists the most popular recipes.

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Lose It!


DroidGeek Android, iOS Video:  This app allows your patients to input their current and goal weight, as well as desired rate of weight loss to formulate a "calorie budget."

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All-in Pedometer


Viaden Gaming Limited iOS and Android (upgrades available) This app will count your patients’ steps when secured to their body (e.g. placed in breast pocket or around waist).

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Workout Trainer


Skimble, Inc. iOS and Android/Free (with upgrades and packages available) Video Link:  Your patients will enter their workout goals (e.g. build muscle, lose weight, strengthen core, etc.), and this app will suggest free workout plans available for purchase.

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8 Minutes Abs Workout


Passion4Profession Inc iOS and Android  Video Link:  This application has lots of abdominal exercises on it and good routines to practice, however the user has to download each exercise in order to get the verbal and visual instructions on how to use it, so be sure to have access …

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Endomondo Sports Tracker


Endomondo Free/iOS and Android   This app has remained extremely popular in the the increasingly crowded health app marketplace. Endomondo uses your patients’ phone’s GPS function to track their workouts. They can enter goals for each workout, or race themselves from a previous workout. Patients can access their music right from the …

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