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Getting and Staying Motivated to Be Physically Active

By Sheri Colberg, PhD
This time of year, all of the fitness clubs and gyms run specials to bring in new members, and they know—and even count on the fact that—most of those people will no longer be regularly attending classes or doing workouts by the time spring hits. How do you help your patients avoid joining those exercise dropouts? Here are some tips from our diabetes exercise expert that you can download in PDF format to hand out to your patients.

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Improving Diabetes Outcomes: Collaborative Patient Care in a New Multispecialty MSO Model

by Guest Writer Richard Purcell
More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 This epidemic requires new healthcare models to deliver optimal, patient-focused, guideline-directed care to improve outcomes and reduce costs. The establishment of a new multispecialty Managed Services Organization (MSO) in Arizona spotlights the numerous benefits, to patients and providers alike, of providing end-to-end healthcare services and disease management solutions for complex diabetes.

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Pharmacist’s Diligence Saves Patient’s Health and Money

I am a retail pharmacist working in a busy chain pharmacy.  A patient came in and requested a temporary supply of his Crestor 40 mg tablets because he had run out of tablets before he was eligible for a refill through insurance.  I checked his profile and noticed that it had been 1 1/2 months since his last 90 day refill so I asked why he had run out.  He said that his doctor had told him to double up and take 80 mg daily.  This didn't sound correct, but it was after office hours and the patient was adamant that these were his doctor's instructions and that he would have to stop his medication if I didn't dispense to him. 

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A cross continuum of inpatient diabetes care. Hospitals are being incentivized for achieving diabetes care metrics in the patient population in their catchment area which has required them to develop effective healthcare delivery models that impact not only just individual patients but also the patient population as a whole. Hear case studies from Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, UPMC, Allina Healthcare, Essentia Health and more. Learn about transitioning of care, building and maintaining Inpatient Diabetes Programs and Management, incorporating Triple Aim, diabetes prevention programs, ROI for Tele Diabetes, collaborative diabetes depression models, incorporating SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH measures, financial impact of low literacy on a healthcare system, Cardiovascular risk associated with diabetes and inpatient care, cancer risk associated with diabetes and the inpatient care, managing diabetes in hospitalized patients with chronic Kidney Disease and more. For complete conference details including discounts available for Diabetes In Control Members, click here.

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