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For Your Patients – Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Jan 2, 2015


April Steen MSSW, LCSW


In the world of activity trackers there are many choices. The number one thing to consider when using these products is to find one that makes sense to you. If it’s not comfortable or user friendly, you will not use it and therefore defeats the purpose.


For me, the Misfit Shine is my perfect match. This smart and versatile device was easily adapted into my daily routine. Unlike its bulky competitors, the shine quickly becomes a talking piece. When I first started wearing mine I used the black sport band that came with the device. It would be several months until I upgraded my band to the silver metal band which I prefer since it helps the Shine remain in the band securely. I am frequently asked, “What kind of watch is that?” which opens the discussion of how I have incorporated activity tracking into my life and how it has helped me with my health goals. I can easily open the app on my iPhone and show off my progress in meeting my step goals and my sleep goals. I find the deep sleep tracking most helpful since I have a visual pattern so I can adjust my bedtime accordingly. In addition, this device does actually tell time and the face makes it easy for people who normally wear glasses to see.

The Shine is easy to incorporate into daily life. From its sleek design there are currently ten colors to choose from and numerous ways and places on your body to wear your Shine. Positives: easy to use, stylish to wear, battery life, easy battery replacement, app is easy to use, and waterproof. Negatives: can slide out of holder (so put it in a place where you think about it) and does not prompt you to move. It would also be nice if there was a web or computer view of your activity so you could isolate activity to times better.

The device is very rugged, I have been wearing mine for almost a full year and it works as well as the first day I got it. This elegant activity tracker is also well-supported by Misfit. I misplaced my device and needed to replace the battery. When I inquired on how to purchase one, Misfit promptly sent me a new one along with a battery. Also, once when my battery was almost dead, Misfit sent me an email asking if I needed a battery. The customer support for this device is top notch.

So if you are looking for a trendy way to track your steps, calories, distance, and sleep, look no further than the Misfit Shine.

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