FitStar Personal Trainer

Mar 31, 2015

FitStar, Inc.

Free – Basic Edition/iOS


For your patients who don’t think they have enough time to do even the simplest workout, this app may help them get over some of their fears. They can workout anytime, anywhere with the FitStar Personal Trainer including while traveling and at home when they can’t get it to the gym. And they won’t have to pay for a costly personal trainer.

The Premium version does cost money, however, but provides access to personalized programs for losing weight and gaining strength,  with a variety of new workouts added monthly, HD video, and much more. The app continually adjusts to feedback, goals, and capabilities.

Additional FitStar Features:

+ Dynamic HD videos demonstrate moves while football legend Tony Gonzalez provides coaching tips

+ Includes Challenges where participants can match up against a friend and set personal goals

+ Custom audio tracks and streaming music support

+ AppleTV support puts the workouts on the big screen and the iPhone or iPad can act as a remote control

+ Progress tracking with milestones and achievements, unlocking new moves and badges

+ Connects with FitBit, Jawbone UP, or MyFitnessPal account to automatically sync weight and consolidate fitness activity

+ Integrated with Health app to contribute to the overall Health dashboard (update to iOS 8.1 for these benefits)

To download, just use this link:

FitStar Personal Trainer