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Find Me Gluten Free

Aug 31, 2012
iOS and Android
FindMeGlutenFree1 FindMeGlutenFree2

Find Me Gluten Free uses GPS to locate chain restaurants nearby that offer a gluten-free selection.

The key feature of this app is the GPS map function and an extensive library of menus, allowing the user to view available gluten-free options before travelling to a restaurant. A library of reviews linked to this restaurant is available, though the availability of reviews will be based on the size of the city in which the search is taking place and the number of prior responses from users of the app. 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Positive reviews for the app although some understandable and predictable frustration from users that there aren’t more restaurants providing gluten-free options. Definitely a good recommendation for your patients who travel and for some who don’t.

Find Me Gluten Free (iOS)

Find Me Gluten Free (Android)