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Feb. 6, 2018

Feb 6, 2018

Last week, after a 75-mile group cycling ride, about a dozen of us were enjoying coffee and conversation at our favorite shoppe. Since we might be considered a somewhat competitive bunch, there was a lot of chatter about who had the highest power, who won the final sprint, and any other “records” we could take credit for.

Somewhere in all the bragging, someone brought up their recent lab values. This got us on a discussion of cholesterol levels and who had the best. As you know, cholesterol levels are about 75% related to genes and heredity, and so we had some wide ranges of values in some really fit people. There were some riders who harped on how good their LDL to Total ratio was and others who touted their low LDL and others who shared their high HDL levels.

Each of us had our own logic as to why these values had great importance, and the logic was as diverse as the values. This week, I got to send all of them a copy of Steve Freed’s interview with Dr. Ray Kausik, on his opinions of “Good vs. Bad” cholesterol.

Dave Joffe