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Evaluation of Cellphone Application that Records Readings from Glucometer

Jul 10, 2015

Having a notebook to record blood glucose readings is something of the past…

Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs continuous monitoring by patients for information about medical conditions in order to accomplish adequate self-care. Education is key to decrease the chances of developing further complications. Patients can gain some control over their diabetes by understanding variations in blood glucose level through the self-monitoring of blood glucose. A log of blood glucose records helps healthcare provider create a better treatment plan for the patient and it encourages diet, exercise, and insulin administration. If the log of the readings were automatically saved from glucometer into mobile health device, that would eliminate the hassle of keeping up with a notebook. Currently mobile health is not authorized to exchange medical services between patients and doctors through cellphones, iPads, tablets, etc. Because of this, international organizations for standardization have developed a software allowing direct information to be exchanged between personal health devices and medical information systems.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate a cell phone application through ISO/IEEE 11073 for blood glucose self-monitoring by patients with diabetes. A system was designed to utilize the cellphone as a blood glucose self-monitoring system. The system consisted of a software and web server that allowed patients to save, display, and transfer a blood glucose level measured by a glucometer. The application of the cellphone was based on the standard protocol for personal health devices and the standard information model for personal health records. The application was based on the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. For standard health communication with a glucometer, IEEE 11073 Manager, Medical Device Encoding Rule, and Bluetooth Health Device Profile Connector was created. The application was tested by 87 users and evaluated by five healthcare professionals.

The five healthcare professionals stated that the application could be a vital tool to control blood glucose. The software was proven to be reliable and valid (using Cronbach’s alpha values) regarding intention of usage. The intention of usage consisted of 6 categories including usage intention, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating condition, perceived risk, and voluntariness. The application was rated a 4.03 +0.44 points out of 5 on how helpful the application would be for hospital duties and health management.

Healthcare professionals who evaluated the software provided feedback that the application can provide accurate feedback to other healthcare providers during diabetes education and glucose management.

Practice Pearls:

  • Patients will soon be able to use their cellphone to keep a digital log of their glucose readings.
  • ISO/IEEE 11073 for blood glucose self-monitoring is effective in diabetes management.
  • This new software will allow healthcare providers to make accurate medication modification based readings provided from a glucometer.

Park HS, Cho H, Kim HS. Development of Cell Phone Application for Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring Based on ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7 CCD. Health Inform Res. 2015;21(2):83-94.