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Endomondo Sports Tracker

Sep 4, 2012

Free/iOS and Android



This app has remained extremely popular in the the increasingly crowded health app marketplace. Endomondo uses your patients’ phone’s GPS function to track their workouts. They can enter goals for each workout, or race themselves from a previous workout. Patients can access their music right from the app. They can invite friends from their contact list to join endomondo, follow each other’s workouts in real-time, give each other pep-talks, and even race each other. The app also keeps a history of workouts to track progress. There is a professional version available for a price.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Popular and fun but the iOS version at least has experienced some recent glitches an upgrade. Several users report choosing to upgrade and this may also be because of wanting to avoid ads showing up and obscuring the screen.
Update: The developers seem to have worked out most of the glitches at this point, and are continuing to improve and upgrade the app.
To download the app, just use these links:

Endomondo Sports Tracker (iOS)

Endomondo (Android)