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Elizabeth Buschur Part 3, Disadvantages of CGM

Dr. Elizabeth Buschur talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the AACE meeting in Austin, Texas. In this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Buschur shares a few of the drawbacks to using CGMs.

Dr. Elizabeth Buschur, MD is an assistant professor at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She has implemented and is the director of the Diabetes Transition Clinic at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital as well as the Endocrine Disorders in Pregnancy Clinic at The Ohio State University.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: So two years from today, you come to the AACE meeting, you are going to the airport, you call a cab and a car pulls up and there is no driver in it. My question is when it comes to technology, nothing is 100%. There are always problems whether it is an insulin pump or driver of this car. First of all, would you get in that car and let the car drive you to the airport?

Dr. Buschur: I don’t know about that. You can go first.

Steve:  I haven’t found anyone that is willing to go in that car yet. What are some of the disadvantages of CGM?

Dr. Buschur: There are some disadvantages. One you mentioned an additional site. So, just real estate in terms of where to do it. You also brought up having a constant reminder of what the glucose is; that can be overwhelming. Also, patients need to be trained, I think some basic training on how to respond to those values. If it is after 30 minutes after their huge carbohydrate load, should they get more insulin if they are seeing the numbers in the 250s or is that to be expected? Some training on what to do with those values is needed. There are also accuracy issues, but that has been improving over the past 10 to 15 years. So, it doesn’t measure blood glucose. It is measuring interstitial glucose and there is some lag time as well especially with rapid rates of change; so for instance, with exercise or rapidly changing glucoses.

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