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Elizabeth Buschur Part 1, CGM Use In Pregnancy

Dr. Elizabeth Buschur talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed in this Exclusive Interview during the AACE meeting in Austin, Texas about the patient populations best suited to CGM use.

Dr. Elizabeth Buschur, MD is an assistant professor at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. She has implemented and is the director of the Diabetes Transition Clinic at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital as well as the Endocrine Disorders in Pregnancy Clinic at The Ohio State University.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: We are here at the AACE meeting 2017 in Austin Texas and with us is a special guest Dr Elizabeth Buschur. She is an endocrinologist and an assistant professor at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. Maybe we can start with you telling us a little bit about your practice.

Dr. Buschur: At The Ohio State University, I have a couple of specialized clinics. We have an endocrine disorders and pregnancy clinic as well as a type 1 diabetes transition clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Steve: Do you deal a lot with gestational diabetes?

Dr. Buschur: I deal a lot with pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy. Some gestational diabetes that is diagnosed early and requires medication, but a lot of our pre-existing diabetes patients.

Steve: What is the title of your talk while you are here?

Dr. Buschur: CGM use in pregnancies and special situations.

Steve: If we look at different populations, which populations do you feel will best utilize CGMs?

Dr. Buschur: The benefit of CGM could be for multiple patient populations especially our pregnant patients during pregnancies as well as the preconception period. CGM is very beneficial to help achieve those tight glycemic targets with minimization of hypoglycemia. Postpartum, there is huge changes in insulin sensitivity and requirements so that it can be very helpful.

Steve: For someone with prediabetes, will insurance companies allow them to reimburse for CGM?

Dr. Buschur: I am not an insurance expert, but I think not. I think with prediabetes and even with gestational diabetes there have been some research studies that have looked at CGMs but I don’t think that CGMs I don’t think insurance companies are reimbursing yet.

Steve: How beneficial is it to use the CGM for patients that want to become pregnant, that have diabetes in their family, that are a few pounds overweight, and have a A1c of 5.8?

Dr. Buschur: I think that is very beneficial because those patients would meet criteria to be tested early during pregnancy if they did get pregnant to be tested for gestational diabetes or even prediabetes; like at the first prenatal visit. I do think that is very important.

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