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Effectiveness of Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) on Diabetes Care

Aug 28, 2013

Both clinical and patient-reported outcomes showed positive improvement…. 

The study researchers systemically reviewed all relevant studies published from 1947 to 2002. They also included relevant randomized controlled trials and observational studies published in English that had group medical visits as interventions. The results consisted of 26 studies including 13 randomized controlled trials. HbA1c level was used to assess the outcome and the effectiveness of group medical visits.

In the results, researchers found that patients who were on group medical visits had a significant reduction in HbA1c level (HbA1c reduction -0.46%, 95% confidence interval -0.80% to -0.31%). There was also a positive effect on clinical and patient-reported outcomes.

In conclusion, group medical visits for diabetes patients are beneficial in terms of reducing HbA1c level. The researchers suggested that wider implementations of group medical visits could have positive impacts on patient outcomes

Housden L, Wong ST, Dawes M. Effectiveness of group medical visits for improving diabetes care: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CMAJ. 2013 Aug 12.