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Editor’s Note, The Best of 2014

Dec 20, 2014

We all know that when it comes to healthcare, "analytics" is a word that has jumped to the forefront. Hospitals, prescribers, and insurance companies all can earn more money if their analytics are good, and can be penalized if the results head downward. This same concept comes into play on the internet and at the end of every year we get to look at how well our newsletters and articles do. We often times will feature an article, chart or slide presentation that we think will rock the diabetes world only to find that it was not as important to you, our readers, as we thought it would be.

The good news is that for our end of the year bonus edition we have selected the most viewed and requested articles, slides, charts, and videos, and our writing and research staff has prepared and brought them together in one fabulous edition.

Take your time and learn which of the nearly 1,600 items we presented this year are the ones you, our readers, indicated as most important.