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Editor’s Note: Stopping Beta-cell Destruction and Team NovoNordisk

Aug 26, 2013
We know that type 1 diabetes results from T-cell–mediated destruction of beta-cells in the pancreas. So, to prevent type 1 diabetes from developing, we need to stop that destruction. In addition to our quest to eliminate type 1, we need to preserve the remaining cells as well as generate new ones. Although this seems like a pipe dream, our Clinical Text from the ADA looks at interdictions that can prevent beta-cell destruction and preserve function in patients with type 1 diabetes.
While we are on the subject of type 1 diabetes, I want to focus your attention on the recent US Pro Challenge Bike Race in Colorado. This race, which has Tour de France quality racers, also featured Team NovoNordisk, a team made up entirely of type 1 riders. After each TNN rider put in over 560 miles over 7 days they finished ahead of one of the teams that won 3 stages at the Tour de France. Javier Megas finished 22nd out of 108 riders and, after 22 hours of riding, was only 7 minutes off the winning pace. We will have a full report in our regular newsletter on Saturday. 

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