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Editor’s Note: “Opathies,” Cold Weather and Incretins, Part 5

Feb 14, 2011

After reviewing this week’s chapter excerpt from Drs. Edelman and Henry, I am seeing the partial word “-opathy” in my sleep. His discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of neuropathy, nephropathy and all the other -opathies put a new perspective on why good glucose control is so important.

Cold weather makes people want to climb in a bed and keep as warm as possible. Read this week’s Diabetes Disaster Averted to find out if having your bed too warm can raise your glucose. (Thanks also to all of you who have shared your stories and knowledge in our new weekly Diabetes Disaster Averted series — we have sent out nearly $1,000 in thank-you gift cards in appreciation. Please keep them coming!)

And finally we have some Homerun Slides showing how GLP-1 agonists keep patients fuller longer.