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Editor’s Note: Presenting the Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series

Oct 6, 2010

This week we are pleased to present our new Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series weekly newsletter, containing some of the most sought after clinical information out there, based on your 2010 subscriber survey responses.

Our first Clinical Gems diabetes text excerpt comes from Diagnosis and Management of Type 2 Diabetes by Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Robert R. Henry, MD.

As part of our Practicum feature we begin a special series: Diabetes Disasters Averted! We all can learn from each other’s mistakes. These near-miss clinical stories are intended to help you minimize dangerous and costly errors.

Our Homerun Slides are provided for you to share concise concepts and principles with your colleagues, staff and patients.

We hope the Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series newsletter will add new value to your clinical practice. Tell us what you think at info@diabetesincontrol.com

Your partner in diabetes care,

Dave Joffe