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Editor’s Note: Our One-Year Anniversary

Sep 27, 2011

This week marks one year since we started delivering our Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series newsletter, and Steve, Andrew, Heather and I appreciate the great support you have given us. According to your emails, the Homerun Slides have provided great materials for your talks, and there have been enough comments about our Disaster Averted series to let us know that these examples may have prevented disasters with your own patients and facilities. Thank you for all your feedback and support, and we look forward to providing you with more great information over the coming year.

This week’s Homerun Slides, on Pathophysiology in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: New Agents, Part 5 (and the last set), focus on two of the newer non-insulin injectables and how your patients can benefit from them. Our Disaster Averted #52: Heparin and Insulin Mix-Up,  shows what happens when nurses and other staff are forced into “work-arounds” because they don’t have the right tools, and our Clinical Case Study, Managing Clinical Problems in Diabetes, Case Study #23: Type 1 and Pre-Teens,  examines the steps that need to be taken when a pre-teen is diagnosed with Type 1.